General conditions of trade

Direct buy

Records on the list can be purchased in our record shop (Budapest VII, Kertész street. 42, open on weekdays from 12 to 7 pm, Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm). Regarding that most of the records are second hand, please do check their status and play-ability before buying them, because we do not take them back.


You must register yourself only if you order records. Its main goal is to simplify our customers’ identification when ordering or communicating with you. Later if you order records you do not have to type all your data again, your login name and password are enough to identify yourself. Registered customer’s data are handled confidentially and will not be used for any other purpose without their owner’s agreement.


You can order records according to the way described in “Cart” menu point. Upon receiving your order we send an acknowledgement to the given e-mail address which will contain all the necessary information about purchasing.

Please note, that the price of the records does not contain the shipping cost when they are posted. You can find them under “Shipping costs”.

As the records list are refreshed once a week, it could happen that the record you ordered has been already sold. Please never send money in any form until you receive our acknowledgement.

If you have any question, please feel free to call us at +36-30-9313776 or write to

Posting parcels and risks

Those records on the list can be purchased as mail-orders. We send your records as parcels at your risk. However they are posted in safe, well-tried packaging.

Full status-scale

Status of the records and their covers are marked according the internationally accepted codes. In case of mail-orders please read the following carefully, because we do not take back records.

  • SS: Still Sealed = unopened, factory sealed record
  • M: Mint = fully faultless, new-valued record.
  • EX: Excellent = disregarding quite tiny faults, new-value record. In case of covers corners and edges could be minimally worn, in case of records some unaudible demages are possible.
  • VG: Very Good = a little bit used record and cover. In case of covers corners and edges could be worn, sticker or its mark is possible. In case of records some audible demages are possible wich do not affect the playability and enjoyability of the record.
  • G: Good = coniderably used record. In case of covers bigger wear and tear, smaller torn at the edges are possible. In case of records audible demages and disturbing sizzlings are possible, however the record is still playable in its full length.
  • F: Fair = record in bad condition. In case of covers all kind of faults are enabled, but it should be complete. In case of records all kind of demages are possible, the record may not be playable at all. This record is for archiving purposes only.
  • W: Worn = unusable record. All kinds of damages are enabled both on the cover and on the record, including missing parts of the cover. This record is for archiving purposes only.

Shipping costs

Orienting on the Website

Vinyl Record Store

Information about our record shop, reaching it or contacting us. You can get information about the records on our list on telephone, call +36-1-332-1325 or write to Call +36-30-9313776 with other questions on purchasing or conditions.

Records for Sale

Here you can find the list of LPs on stock with the following data: performer, album title, press, record and cover status, price. Click on the artist’s name to list all their albums.

Marking for buying

You can mark a record for buying by clicking on the Add-to-cart button at the end of the record’s line (put it into your virtual shopping cart). It does not mean immediate order, it is only a tool for selecting records. You can throw them out from your virtual shopping cart by deleting them in the cart menu.

Possibilities for searching records:

  • by artist
  • by genre
  • by press
  • by using the search bar (e.g. “abb” gives Abba, Black Sabbath etc.)


Here you can overview your virtual shopping cart, i.e. the records that you marked for buying. If you changed your mind about a record and do not wish to buy it, then you can throw it out by clicking on the delete icon at the beginning of the line. If you buy at us first time then you should register yourself as a customer. You can order the selected records by clicking on the “place order” button after entering your e-mail address and phone number.